Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday, April 6th Edition

Hi there and happy Wednesday! Now that things have gotten a bit back to normal (or back to the usual state of ABNORMAL) around here, it's time to have a WIP Wednesday. Confession time--with all the excitement of National Crochet Month and then Blog Week, not a whole lot of actual crocheting got done at Chez Twisted Strands in March. But I did manage to fit in a bit here and there. Remember all this pretty wool yarn I got in my playgroup's Yarn Swap last month?


I've started making squares for Knit-a-Square with it:


Not a bad start. I neglected my prayer shawl all month too, but did get some more rows done on it at our monthly meeting last night:


I'm listening to a very good book right now as well that I'd like to share with you, called Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love, by Dava Sobel. It's a very interesting biography of Galileo, and includes a window into his relationship with one of his daughters who was a nun. They corresponded frequently, and over a hundred of her letters to Galileo survive. I'm enjoying it quite alot. I find it interesting to learn that a man as brilliant as Galileo also got a number of things quite wrong! For example, he believed that the tides were caused by the movements of the Earth as it revolved and rotated, and he also thought that comets were not in fact actual physical bodies, but that they were reflections on some phenomenon in the atmosphere.

400 years from now, do you think people will look back at us in 2011 and marvel at our ignorance? Do you think that with all our technology and advancement we are still just completely WRONG about some of the scientific facts we think are true? For me, I don't think that there will so many radical instances in the future of discoveries showing us that we are totally wrong about things. I think our knowledge will continue to grow immensely, and I believe the biggest advancements will likely be in medical treatment and in technology/computers. I just don't imagine such complete upheavals such as in Galileo's time. What do you think?


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Lots of pretty yarn!! Good on you. I have read about Galileo and his relationship with his daughter and you piqued my interest in that topic again. Am going to see if I can find that book on audio to listen to while knitting. Regarding upheavals in our time...I bet there will be LOTS !!!

Mindy said...

Great projects with that pretty yarn!

Sounds like an interesting book.

Lola Nova said...

Sounds like a fascinating book! Look at that lovely yarn and your projects look fantastic!

Stitchingupastorm said...

Hi There!

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