Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Been a Crazy Month!


Wow--the past 5 weeks since we started National Crochet Month have been quite a ride! I had planned on doing alot of posts for NatCroMo, including the giveaways. And then when Crochet and Knitting Blog Week came along, well of course I had to join in that fun. So I've averaged 4 posts per week since the beginning of March, and I've gone from 25 followers to 70! And there's no telling how many wonderful blogs I have found thanks to my new followers and the other participants in Blog Week.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all my readers taking the time to visit Twisted Strands. I have enjoyed all your comments. And wow are there alot of fiber-related blogs out there! I had no idea just how many there are--I have spent SO much time in the past several weeks finding new blogs to read, I have gotten considerably less crocheting done, I know that for a fact. And I have definitely learned that doing an interesting attractive blog post takes time. When I heard about the A to Z Blog Challenge going on in April, part of my brain said "wow that sounds really cool!" and the other part said "NO we cannot post every single day for another month!" Well, sanity has prevailed and I won't be doing the A to Z Challenge, although I still think it's an awesome idea.

So, what's coming up at Twisted Strands now the dust is settling from the past month? Well, look for me to continue with WIP Wednesdays and I'll be adding Thankful Thursdays too. Also, April is Autism Awareness Month, and since someone very near and dear to my heart is autistic, I'll be posting some about that as well. And of course I'll be prattling on about random things that come into my head--don't say I didn't warn you!

Have a great week everyone!



Shanti said...

I will love to read your WiPs and Thankful-ness... you could do the A to Z at your own peace... maybe monday alphabet or something like that!!!
Thanks for your comment about my mom B-day!

Sandyhook said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Julie! You have a terrific blog and I am glad you had a chance to participate in Crochet and Knitting blog week....I just had too much on my plate. :)

Congrats to your contest winners! And blog on!


DaCraftyLady said...

I missed out as I too had a lot on my plate, but love your blog and now you have 71 follers, I would love to increase my blog followers, any ideas for me??? Thanks for stopping by and wishing me Happy Birthday. Debb