Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for SO MANY things today, and topping my list are:

---An absolutely beautiful spring day today,

---SPRING BREAK FINALLY and the next 10 days off work,

---All of my online friends who understand the excitement of yarn,

---And my wonderful hubby who's having a birthday tomorrow. Love you sweetheart!

Hope you are having a good day today too!


Pumpkin Country said...

have a great day! my hubby celebrated his 37th yesterday :)
my 10 year old celebrated his last week~and our anniv is the 28th this month~too many cakes to eat! when I'm trying to diet! grrrr LOL

~Niki~ said...

that was my comment above~to my old blog.

Mindy said...

Enjoy the celebrating!

Clara said...

All sounds just wonderful!