Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yarn Swap!

Like the new blog look? That icy snowy background just had to GO, I'm in the mood for spring!

I had such fun yesterday at my "yarn playgroup", Columbia Sip 'n' Knit. We held our annual yarn swap. Beforehand I went through my stash and picked out some thing I knew I wasn't going to use but that someone else might like. Most of this came from my sister when she was de-stashing--some yarn could come with a whole genealogy lol.


So--there were just a few things to choose from at the swap:




Isn't it just BREATHTAKING? It's like an entire smorgasbord of yarn! Three tables full, and even more in boxes and bags on the floor. And not just your basic yarns, there was some cashmere and silk and merino and handspun--it all looked so yummy.

So, what did I come home with?


Yes, that is two THOUSAND grams of 100% wool worsted weight yarn. And it's all going to become blanket squares and hats for my favorite charity, Knit-a-Square. Knit-a-Square is a group in South Africa which collects 8" blanket squares, sews them together, and gives the blankets to AIDS orphans. They take squares made of all types of fiber, but for some of the children they need things made from 100% wool, because of wool's natural fire-retardant properties. Some kids live in places where their only source of heat is from a fire or open-flame heater, and it's important that they have blankets made from wool, not acrylic. So I was THRILLED to get this much wool at the swap!

And I did pick up a couple of things for myself, just a bit of fun yarn to play with:


So clearly this was NOT a "de-stashing" event for me, since I came home with more yarn than I got rid of. Oh, and all the leftovers from the yarn swap will be donated to senior centers, etc, so all the yarn will get a good home. I can't wait to dive into my new yarn!


Paula said...

WOW ! ! ! ! !

Talk about fun . . . wouldn't you just love to have dove into the yarn and swam around for a while :0}

Clara said...

Oh, my heart just skipped a bit looking at that table of yarny goodness! I'm with Paula, I could dive right in.

CozySpirit said...

Ooooh!!! Fun!!!

Mindy said...

Wow!!! How fun!