Monday, March 21, 2011

Flea Market Mystery

On Saturday I went to a craft sale/flea market to look for anything interesting I could pick up cheap--I love yard sales and flea markets just like I love finding bargains at Goodwill, like my $10 afghan! Anyway, one of the tables had some crafting supplies, and for the excellent price of $2 I acquired this collection:


Now some of this I'm familiar with, the crochet cotton at the upper right, and to the left of that is some 26 gauge wire I can use for jewelry. But then there are these things:


The stuff on the far left, called "Tinsel Tex Braid" seems alot like what holds some of my little decorative Christmas bows together. The "Tinsel Tex Wrap" label was around one of the spools of gold stuff when I bought them. So I asked the all-knowing Google to find me info on "Tinsel Tex Wrap". Google decided I actually meant "Tinsel TEXT Wrap" and offered me an assortment of websites on the subject of making custom fishing rods and fishing lures. Google doesn't know me very well, does it? When I insisted I did mean "Tinsel TEX Wrap", the only thing that looked remotely craft-related was about floral arranging. So this is my mystery--do you know what this stuff is commonly used for? And am I crazy for thinking maybe I can crochet with it? I really want to try making crocheted wire jewelry, and this stuff seems pretty sturdy yet flexible. I'm willing to give it a try, but I'm just curious if anyone knows what this stuff actually is used for. And yes, I do sometimes buy things without knowing exactly what they are if I think I can find a use for them lol. I believe it's a condition called "Hey-I-might-be-able-to-use-that-sometime"-itis, and I know it must be genetic because my father is exactly the same!


Mindy said...

You're right! I think "hey-i-might-be-able-to-use-that-sometime"-itis IS genetic. =)

Faith said...

I was thinking that...why would you buy something you don't know what it's for...and then you answered the never know..I don't know what it's for though. Go for the crochet never may be the next gotta have it fad....who knows. It's always fun to find your treasures....and on sale...too...:)