Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On my 7th day of Christmas...

The winds finally calmed down and we actually poked our noses out of our den! Although we didn't get any snow here, it's been fiercely cold and windy. Today was better though so we went to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. They've been having an exhibit of work by Walter Wick who writes the "I Spy" and "Can You See What I See?" kids books. It was really cool, they had many of his photos and also some of the models that he uses in making his books. The details that goes into his photos is AMAZING. It was a nice antidote to our cabin fever, I think even the Teenager enjoyed it!

In other news, Miss G, who is slowly recovering from the cold she had for Christmas, has been breaking out in hives on various places all over her body today. I guess she thought things were too dull around here lol! I can't remember her ever having hives before, this morning they were on her arm, then on her upper legs around noon, and now all over her legs and her back. I'm going to go give her a soothing bath which I hope will help with the itching. Poor kiddo, she is not having the most fabulous Christmas break!

No crochet time for me today, but I have just one more round of the border to go on the baby blanket I'm making, so hopefully I've have something for show and tell in a day or two!


Pretty Knitty said...

I hope those hives feel better! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas - Yay!

Clara said...

Wishing you all the best in 2011!

Please forward you mailing address as you won my giveaway!