Monday, December 27, 2010

My 6th day of Christmas...


...was cancelled on account of snow. At least The Teenager's trip to New York was cancelled. She could have gotten to NYC on Amtrak, but the Long Island Railroad was closed all day so my niece couldn't get into the city. They were supposed to go see "Phantom" together tonight. Fortunately I was able to get refunds for the train ticket and hotel, and the show tickets were exchanged for another date in April. But I do have one very sad teenager today. I'm very proud of the way she's handled it though, she has been really mature about it despite being hugely disappointed. I think she may be growing up! (Sniff sniff)

In other Christmas news, I thought I'd show you a few crochet goodies that were under the tree for me! I got some yarn from Miss G and a new comfort hook from Man of the House:


As you can see I've already been taking the hook for a test drive.

Man of the House also gave me a couple of crochet books:


(Can't wait to "sink my teeth into" that first one lol!)

And the Teenager bought me this beautiful crocheted angel ornament:


This is BIG for her to get me something crocheted. She seems to think I have too much of a yarn/crochet addiction. Silly girl, like there could possibly be such a thing!

I've been spending a good bit of time these last few cold days sitting in front of the fire crocheting. I hope you have been enjoying your Days of Christmas as well!


Clara said...

I was thinking about you and your daughter while listening to the weather reports wondering if she made it to the concert then I heard how bad the conditions were. So great everything could be salvaged with refunds and exchanges..phew! And, yes, how mature to handle it so well..good for her. She now has something really great to look forward to. I am going to have to get one of those new hooks to try.

Northern Hi-Lights said...

Julie, thanks for your lovely comment, although I think you are being too kind with your comparisons!! The snow blizzards in the States have made the news over here in Scotland, it's so frustrating when plans are spoilt (we had a similar thing last month) I was very surprised when my man of the house also bought me a couple of crochet books for Christmas too - he has at least noticed what I spend most of my time in the evening doing!! stay safe and warm, best wishes Elaine x