Sunday, December 26, 2010

On my 5th (?) Day of Christmas....

I can see I'm going to quickly lose track of which day it is! When you have an extended period of time off the days seem to blend. Not that I'm complaining!

I hope you had a very nice Christmas Day, as we did here. Miss G, 11 year old, decided to get sick on Christmas Eve with a cough and fever. So I went to early church by myself, which Man of the House and the Teenager went to the late service. Miss G did get into her Christmas dress for the obligatory photo however:

grace xmas

Man of the House and the Teenager were very spiffy looking as well!

Jim Hannah

We have a rule in our house for Christmas morning--the girls can go downstairs at 6 am to see what Santa brought and open the things in their stockings. Then they can wake us up at 7. This is the same rule my parents started after my sister and I got them up one year at 4 am, and they hadn't gotten to bed until 3! It's a good rule, and it helps the parents be less cranky on Christmas!

Today we are mostly doing the same as yesterday--enjoying a cozy fire, playing with Christmas gifts, watching new DVDs. At least I did get dressed today, yesterday I never got out of my jammies! But today I am also anxiously watching the weather. Not for us, our snow forecast has been downgraded to only about an inch. But The Teenager asked for only one thing this Christmas, a trip to New York to see Phantom with her older cousin, whom she idolized. Much money has been expended on show tickets, train tickets, and hotel reservations for her DREAM DAY which is scheduled for tomorrow. One teensy problem--New York is supposed to get a blizzard tonight. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send lots of good thoughts that the trains will run tomorrow and they will get the streets clear enough for travel! It is going to be very very ugly around here if things get cancelled.

Tune in tomorrow for further updates....


Clara said...

Everyone looks so great dressed in their finest. I hope the special day goes well and that your daughter gets her dream day!

Erin said...

Wonderful pictures of your family. I hope your daughter feels better soon! Sending positive vibes for the Phantom trip your way.