Sunday, February 6, 2011

A week into February--already?

I just realized that we are almost a week into February and I have not reported on my goals for January. Good thing my goal wasn’t to do things in a more timely fashion, eh? Well, let's take them in order:

1. Physical well-being: I got on the treadmill this month--several times! The weather around here has mostly been cold or snowy or icy or any combination thereof. I may have walked outside twice. Today is actually in the 40's so Man of the House and I went for a walk, but dodging piles of stuff that's still frozen and wading through small lakes of what is melting made it a bit interesting. I can’t wait for better weather!

2. Spiritual well-being: I've listened every day to the podcasts. It's working really nicely to put it on my MP3 and listen on the way to work. Before all the distractions of the day kick in, know what I mean? It’s a little harder to find a quiet place for it on the weekends, but I have kept up every day. I think I would not keep up with this if I was having to find 15 or 20 minutes of quiet reading time, so the podcasts are making this work for me!

So my short-term January goal was to start working with the school on what we want in place for our autistic daughter when she goes to middle school in the fall. Made a load of progress on this one! Early in the month I contacted the educational advocate who was recommended to us. A couple of days later we got notice that the annual review of Miss G’s educational plan would be on the 27th. Good thing we got moving! Thanks to a couple of snow days, we had that meeting this past Thursday, and the advocate had been able to observe Grace in the classroom prior to the meeting. I think we got a lot of our concerns out and have a good agenda in place of what needs to be done in the next couple of months to plan this transition. I’d say I did pretty well on my January resolution.

So I guess I need a mini-resolution for February. Very mini in fact, since it’s already the 6th and there are only 28 days this month. I think there are a couple of places in my house I need to tackle before they make me crazy! Like the spice cabinet in the kitchen--every time I open the cupboard, something falls out on me! And speaking of things to do in the kitchen, we are in SUCH a rut menu-wise. It doesn't help that Miss G has about 4 things she'll eat for dinner and that's it. But even for the rest of us, I seem to make the same meals over and over and it's BORING.

That settles it--in February I will clean out my spice cabinet AND make 3 new meals for dinner! Any help you can give me in meal ideas would be oh so appreciated. What's your favorite thing to cook for dinner?


Paula said...

Glad to hear you have Miss G's plans for next year started. I taught Middle School for 34 years When we had an early start on an incoming autistic child, it made all the difference in the world. It also made a big difference when we met them . . the earlier we met them, the better the transition was.

Best of luck with her Middle School Years . . . they are the best years in a child's life . . . there is so much growth and change that it is hard to believe they actually do learn something while those bodies are so hormonally challenged :0}

Alli said...

It's always easy to try something new when it's a crockpot meal! Just stick it in early and it's all set. :)

by Teresa said...

Hi there, cooking... I like making spaghetti, it's so easy! And homemade burritos, easy too. I can make a great homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy dinner.. can cook almost anything. But hubby is doing most of it now. :-)

Hugs, Teresa

Shanti said...

I look for recipes on the internet or sit and browse cookbooks... I love trying new recipes!