Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another week flies by.

It's been a busy one. But then aren't they all? This week was full of most of the usual stuff--work and volunteering and school and speech therapy yada yada yada. I didn't have anything new and exciting to show for WIP Wednesday last week, but I do have something new and exciting now! Some-ONE new and exciting that is.

Meet Jet:


Jet is a super pretty, super sweet little lady who was up for adoption at a local cat rescue place. She came home with us yesterday! She's getting used to us and her new surroundings, we've been keeping her isolated in one room but going in to see her frequently. She likes hiding under the desk but she comes out alot to snuggle and be petted. So far she seems like quite the little love bug. This afternoon we put our old cat in Jet's room and let Jet explore the rest of the house. She's seems a bit freaked out by all the space and stuff and people. Right now I would like to get her back in her own room but she is hiding under my bed and showing NO inclination to come out! I hope she isn't settling in for a long winter's nap.

Christopher, our current feline occupant, hasn't seen Jet yet, but he knows something is up by smelling her on us. We haven't seen any sort of reaction from him yet, but when they finally get face to face it may be another matter entirely.

So that's the new member of the family! It's nice to have a new kitty, especially after we were all set to adopt Bobby but it fell through. Hopefully the adjustment will be smooth and our current cat won't cause too much trouble. Jet had other kitties where she lived before so she's used to sharing. I know she's happy to be out of the cage where she's been for the last few weeks!


Paula said...

Lucky Jet. My feline fur-babies have always adapted well to new siblings.I h ave never separated any of them and thngs always worked out.

best of luck with your new addition :0}

by Teresa said...

Hi Julie, wow, Jet is pretty! How old is Jet? I look forward to hearing how the first cat likes 2nd cat. :-)

Hugs, Teresa

Clara said...

Hello Jet! Pretty cat. We did the same with our cats but kept them in our mudroom which is quite large for several weeks. Our other cat at the time could sniff under the door so they got used to each other's scent. Then, bit by bit, like an hour at a time, we'd let the cats in the entire house but then put them back till they were used to everything. It all worked out perfectly.