Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday and Groundhog Day

Wow, 2 huge celebrations on the same day! Can you stand the excitement? And reportedly Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow today, thus predicting an early spring. I'll take it! In fact, it feels a bit spring-like outside today, which is perfectly MARVELOUS. We've had some of everything falling out of the sky in the past week: snow, sleet, freezing rain, possibly frogs and locusts. Joking aside, there have been a lot of trees damaged and power lines down due to ice and heavy snow. Very lucky here at our house, just some branches down but no major damage. Some pretty scenery with everything coated in snow and ice. My favorite shot was this one of our bird bottle. A bit hard to see, but a clump of snow is perched on the dowel right where a bird usually sits in summer.


So--WIP Wednesday on Wednesday AGAIN! Will wonders never cease. I do not in fact have any crocheted groundhogs to show you, but I have been prepping for that other major February holiday--you know, President's Day! What do you think, George Washington in amigurumi? Or maybe a tapestry crochet rendition of Mount Rushmore. Sure, easy as pie.

How about we settle for some hearts in honor of Valentine's Day? I've done a couple of them so far:


On the left is a Granny Square heart, The Royal Sisters blog has a fabulous tutorial for this one. The one on the right is this adorable Teeny Tiny Crochet Heart Bunting at Julia Crossland's blog. I love the bunting, so I'm going to make several more of this hearts to bedeck my cubicle at work. They already know I'm crochet crazy, so this won't surprise them a bit.

And I've got a couple of other heart projects on the hook, so check this space again next week!


Paula said...

I am SO GLAD you gave me your blog address . . . I love the pix of the snow on the bird's roosting dowel.

I think I shall become a follower . . anyone who likes DNA and Yarn can't be all bad . . .coming from the mouth of a one-time science teacher specializing in biology :0}

by Teresa said...

Julie, love the hearts -- you'll have to try making one of mine, the free pattern is on my blog. Hugs to you, Teresa

Julia said...

Your little hearts have come out beautifully! So lovely to see that the pattern is working! Thank you for sharing, much love
Julia x