Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday! February 23rd

Hello all! Well it's been over a week since I did a post here, finding time to blog isn't as easy as one would think, is it? But my hooks have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, so here's a little sampler:


I like my Valentine's heart bunting on my desk so much I went searching for the perfect shamrock pattern to make another bunting for St. Pat's day. Initially I liked this one alot:


But then I found this 4-leaf clover pattern and it's going to make great bunting!


Cute, aren't they? Here's a link to buy the pattern on Ravelry if you'd like to make some for yourself!

I've also been making some squares for Knit-a-Square:


I'm also felting some wool sweaters I bought at Goodwill to cut into more squares. And I've started a new prayer shawl, but no pix of that one yet.

Over the weekend I started frogging an afghan to reuse the yarn--what fun! I bought this wool afghan at Goodwill (LOVE that place, can you tell?) a few months ago:


That's a whole lot of wool yarn for only $10! I've frogged a few small things before but never something this size. So far I've pulled out the border and one section of each color, wound them into hanks, then wet them and hung them up to pull the kinks out of the yarn:


All ready to be wound into balls and crocheted into something new! And I still have about 3/4 of the afghan left. A fair bit of work but so worth it for the yarn.

I've also been playing around with a couple of new crochet techniques, but I'll save those for another post. It's so nice to be so busy with hooks and yarn!

Have a fabulous week!


Kristine said...

Love all that green yarn! And the shamrocks are adorable. I might just have to make some. Thank you for sharing them on my wip wednesday.

Melissa said...

Cute shamrocks.. Love the green yarn. I have never bought an afghan at goodwill before. Maybe now I will. :)

by Teresa said...

Julie, love the little shamrocks.. can't wait to see them strung up into a garland! Good find on the yarn there!

We had snow last night... I put up pix.. hugs, Teresa

Mindy said...

Never thought of buying an afghan for the yarn--what a great idea!

Clara said...

THe shamrocks are cute. Look at that yarn! Wowee!