Monday, January 24, 2011

Some of my Favorite Craft Websites

Good morning and a very happy Monday to everybody! OK, I'm a bit happier than usual because I am taking the day off. My girls have no school today and the Teenager is under the weather, and I didn't sleep well AND it was only 7 degrees F (F is for f-f-f-frigid!) when I got up this morning. All very good reasons to stay home and get some things done around the house.

We had a pretty busy weekend, and I got thoroughly tired of going out in the cold cold weather. Best of the weekend was going out to see The King's Speech--REALLY great movie! Man of the House and I don't get out very much, so it was very nice to go and see an excellent flick together. If you haven't seen this one, go do it! One of the previews looked interesting too, The Company Men, alot of good actors in it.

We had planned to go out yesterday and bring home a new member of the family. This is Bobby, isn't he a beauty?


A friend of a friend needed to give Bobby up and was having trouble finding someone to take him. On Saturday we cleaned up our guest room to be Bobby's temporary space while our current resident cat got used to the idea of a new kitty in his house. But Saturday night we found out that Bobby's temporary caretaker has decided to keep him. So I have a clean guest room (wow!), Bobby has a good home, and we are now on a serious search to find a new kitty to love. It saddens me to see how many animals are listed online who need homes!

I thought I'd share with you all a few of my favorite crafting websites, the places where I get alot of ideas for projects I'd like to do. Most of them are yarn related, but some showcase all kinds of crafts. (For a list of my favorite individual crochet blogs, see my Stylish Blogger Award post.)

In no particular order:

1. Ravelry--Absolutely my FAVORITE website of all time! If you don't know Rav, it is a community of people who love fiber. It's an amazing place where you can find friends, search patterns, chronicle your projects, get advice. I'd have trouble living without it! You have to sign up to join (it's free tho), and it's SUCH a great community. My username on Ravelry is dnadiva, so look me up sometime!

2. Craft Gossip--My fave "all-around crafting" site. They collect the best ideas in many different crafting areas, and I love ogling all the amazingly creative things people can do.

3. Craftster--Another website with many different crafts. What I particularly like here are their monthly challenges, it's so awesome to see what people create! This month's challenge is Gingerbread Houses, which I just love. And for total inspiration, check out their Craftster Best of 2010 Awards--oh my word, such talented people there are out there!

4. Dollar Store Crafts --Lots of neat ideas of things you can do CHEAP (or "frugal" if you prefer). I'm all about doing things with minimal expense.

5. Thrifty Decor Chick--Not strictly a crafting site, but she has all sorts of ideas on how to add pizazz to your house without spending a lot of money. Warning--if you read this site too much, you will start to believe that you can buy that ugly vase in the thrift store and turn it into some gorgeous piece of art. This has happened to me. Unfortunately, I am still as un-artistic as I have ever been. Anyone want 2 large glass vases covered in jute twine that I bought on clearance at Michael's over a year ago?


6. Not Martha--This would make my list of favorites just based on its name! I am not a Martha Stewart, I will never be a Martha Stewart, and MS would run away SCREAMING if she ever came in my house. But Not Martha is not just a great name, it's a great website of fabulous crafty ideas, links, shopping hints, food ideas. Check it out!

I hereby I apologize if you now spend the rest of the day perusing these websites. I hate being an enabler. No, actually, I don't--I love sharing cool crafting stuff with all of you!

PS: Speaking of cool crafts, please check out this GORGEOUS necklace that Mindy is giving away over at In The Loop! I really want to learn to do these but it would be even better to win one.


by Teresa said...

Bobby is very handsome.. sorry he didn't become yours.. good luck on your kitty search! Thanks for the links!

Teresa :-)

Clara said...

Glad Bobby has a home. Nice to get the cleaning done, it's such a process. I noticed the twine wrapped bottles right away as well over 20 years now, my Mom did the same thing with one of those huge water bottles and put bull rushes or cattails as some call them, in it. It was spectacular! Everyone commented on it.

Mrs Twins said...

Hello thanks for stopping by my blog!
Nice to meet you.
DNA funny I was only having a conversation with my Mother today about DNA. Saying how brilliant it is!
Oh goodness the twine bottles, yes I remember doing things like this too,
Great blog you have here.
Hugs Suex

Shanti said...

Thanks for sharing!!!! I'm off to take a peek!
Hope you enjoyed your day off!

Faith said...

Glad Bobbie found a home, everybody wins, and you have a clean guestroom...can't beat that.Rex Harrison...oh yeah, he can haunt my house anytime...

~Niki~ said...

It's hard to work from home~I find myself cruising crafty blogs instead of working! lol. Hugs on Wednesday to you!