Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow or No?

So--which will it be? That dreaded "S" word is in the forecast but the weathermen are hedging big-time. Frankly after last winter:



I'd be just fine with NO snow this year! We've had a couple of little dustings and that's been entirely manageable. But I'm NOT in the mood for being snowed in! So if you're having snow this week, please keep it where you are and don't send it my way!


Shanti said...

That is an impresive picture!! I haven't had that much snow in my life!!!

**Julie!! There's an award for you in my blog, please go and see!

Enjoy your not so snowy day!!

Pretty Knitty said...

May I second that emotion? Unfortunately, there is a "snow event" starting in my backyard as I type. . .sigh!

Clara said...

I just finished shoveling a little earlier. I did not get my snowblower serviced in time so it was pure muscle and stamina out there today.