Sunday, May 15, 2011

My finds from MD Sheep and Wool

I haven't shown you what I bought at the Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend! Now first may I say, I am pretty much on a yarn diet, meaning I don't buy new yarn unless I have a specific use for it. And there are literally HUNDREDS of vendors at this show, and I'm not much of a yarn connaisseur (wow I spelled that right first try). Some folks come to this festival specifically to pick up certain yarns from certain vendors, and some of that stuff is EXPENSIVE. Those weren't the booths where I spent most of my time.

First off, they have some really fun buttons to buy (the kind you pin on, not the kind that go through buttonholes). My FAVORITE one that I got last year is this one:


This year I found this one!


Man of the House is not amused. But I was happy because I actually found several with crochet mottos instead of all knitting sayings. Here's all that I bought:


I bought these two adorable little finger puppets:


And this pin:


And this magnetic shawl clasp--now I need to make a shawl.


I think this little cutie is my favorite--it's a little zippered felt pouch to keep things like yarn needles and stitch markers in. Adorable!


I also bought some things to help with my resolution to make some jewelry--beads, glass pendants, and little balls made out of felt. There WILL be jewelry making going on here!


And finally, yes I did buy a bit of yarn. I love to get a bargain, so I got these small skeins from a bargain bin of "mill ends"--the ends of a color run that aren't big enough to make a full skein. I plan on making some skinny scarves, or maybe even using them in some jewelry!


And all that fit in one little bag! Not like some of the people who were walking around the festival--when you're a spinner, you need a LOT of fleece!

What a good son!

And don't be too shocked, but I do have something new for WIP Wednesday this week--I promise!


Mindy said...

Those buttons are hilarious! And the beads are really neat. I can't wait to see what you make.

Paula said...

I have the most BEAUTIFUL felted striped tote I received in a Ravelry Tote Swap I like to keep my pins on it . . when people notice it, it becomes a personal show and tell of my crocheting life, and online friends.