Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday June 22nd

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Yes, summer vacation is FINALLY in progress here! Today was the last day of school, and I confess I am feeling a bit nostalgic. I walked Miss G home from school for the very last time. The last time we will ever walk home from school together, since next year she will take a bus to middle school--sniffle sniffle! Last Friday was the 5th grade closing ceremony, and it was so sweet. Then last night was the 8th grade closing ceremony for The Teenager, and "sweet" wouldn't exactly be the word I'd choose to describe it! There's a WHOLE lot of change that goes on between 5th grade and 8th grade! And speaking of changes:

Miss G, on her first day of kindergarten:


Miss G, at the end of 5th grade:


The Teenager, on her first day of kindergarten:


The Teenager, on her way to the 8th grade dance last night:


Ummm, wow. Where did those kids COME from?

In other news, I've got nothing new on the hook but I finished my prayer shawl and my scarf this week! I'll show them off on Friday. Now I'm trying to decide what to start next--gee, maybe I should peruse my huge Ravelry queue, ya think?

Hope you all are having a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


Scribe said...

I really wish my babies would stay young forever... I have empty nest already... and mine are 5, 10, & 13!!

paula said...

I retired after 34 years of teaching . . mainly 6th graders, but while in a Middle School I had 7th and 8th graders too.

When I taught a self contained 6th grade class I used to tell my parents, at conferences, "Don't be surprised if your child becomes an alien in 7th and 8th grade. Trust me, they will return to you . . if you survive this alien period."

CONGRATS . . . you have almost made it through 1 alien and you have 1 more year with a sweetie until "aliens" attack her :0}

Such adorable pictures . . . both in kindergarten and now :0}

Mindy said...

Great pictures!! How fun. I hope they're still just as sweet as those kindergarten faces imply. ;-)